Door mat usually place out side the door for maintain your home clean, and doormats also protect your home from dust like when visitors come across the home our home door mat indicate that keep your shoes out side in that way it protect your home from dust and other dirtiness Doormats is third important accessory Read More →

door bell 1

The doorbell is one of the most important item for our home. It is not a part of home decoration but  play the main roll in our home . When a visitors press the doorbell button,  it rings inside the home and give you the information about the visitors who present out side your house. Read More →


Home decoration is kinda a tedious job. In my previous home decor post , I have mention the importance of wall color. You can check out the post ” Home Decor : Wall Paint “. There are many more decorative item available in the market by which we can decorate you home. But Home Decoration Read More →

wall color

In this Home Decore section I am going to talk about the wall paint / wall color. Wall color is always very important part of home decoration.But many of us don’t care about the Wall, and paint it with normal color which is the first negligence toward the home decoration. Just purchasing costly items and Read More →

home decorations

Home decoration is an  idea generating from home loving person. Before reading this blog post further , just take a look all over the sides of your house and think for a minute,  is your house actually looks the same as you wanted it to be. Is there something that missing in that corner , Read More →