jolly Bunny is brand introducing a new stylish slippers in Ukraine in 2013. Unbelievable cloth material use for making this sleeper. A soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable fabric called fleece use for design this slippers. Designer combine wonderful colors with stylish design to make Jolly Bunny slippers be loved by kids as well as adults also.

Today’s fashion trends accept not only fantastic and adorable thing they also want to use some funny thing.

 JOLLY BUNNY provide fashionable and comfortable slippers. This brand specially work on comfort providing cloth  in which customers really feel so comfortable and confident in that they want to wear them every day. We started our production by launching a Bunny slippers collection.This brand work and make slipper for winter session, specially in foreign having so much cold so they professionally want special slipper that keeps their feet warm.

And this is all following colors :


So this is all the colors and its code you can use this colors code for your order and shopping.

And this is design of slipper:

a1 a2 a3 a4

Website: jollybunny


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