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In today’s life we all are very busy in our routine life and in Indian culture we have so many festivals and celebrations every month , lots of marriages , get together with our friends , birthday party and so on. And for all these festival / celebration we want to wear different type dresses along with matching shoes and accessories but due to our busy life schedule we don’t get enough time for shopping. One more thing , many time people invite us just a day before the party so its really impossible to do shopping at that time.

So for solving this problem I am starting this new section in my blog called “Late For Party” .

In this section I am going to give you a complete set of dress and its accessories. This complete set is a combination of latest trendy/fashionable dresses and its matching accessories like hand bags/ clutches  , shoes/sandals , jewellery etc. And also I will give to respective online store to purchase them.

In this section “late for party” you will get all  the type of clothing with matching accessories.

For this is just an effort to make your life easier. Hope you all like it.

Black and Red Combo for gorgeously look

In this segment I am giving you a complete dress for late night party/ disc and special teen party.

Dress : 

Black short frock having broad neck, 3/4 sleeves, the dress is made up off net material. The upper part of the dress  is net and inside covered with silk synthetic dress material.


Shoes/Sandal :

The dress can be wear with a high heel red sandals that will give you a contrast look to the dress and with matching accessories. The red color high heel sandals gives you a good contrast to this black dress, according to my opinion the contrast color  highlighted  your dress.


red sandals

Matching Jewellery

The jewellery collection I have selected from

For this combination I have selected Black pearl bracelet.

breceletThe beaded red necklace set is perfect for this combo.It will give you heavy look.This is very classic necklace which you can wear with other dresses also.It will fill your neck completely and give a awesome look.
red necklace

Hand Bags/Clutch

Leather black red purse really suits with this dress.This dress, jewellery along with this accessories are in black and red color that will give you a perfect look.

red clutchIn this segment of late for party I have selected black dress and with red contrast accessories, hope you like it and keep in touch with my upcoming late for party posts.



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