Lakme Perfect Radiance 4 week Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment:

Lakme Perfect Radiance 4-week Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment

Lakme recently introduced many products in Lakme Absolute range, now the intense range are also becoming most in-demand product of the year.In this Intense Whitening range, Lakme Perfect Radiance 4 week Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment is a best product for whitening treatment for the face.

This Lakme Perfect Radiance 4 week Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment made up off with small capsule , each capsule having serum that effect so much and easily absorb by face.

Enriched in skin lightening vitamins and anti-oxidants, Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment enhances your skin’s natural radiance by fighting against skin blemishes and spots.

About Product:

This product especially made for whitening treatment and clear the dots on the face, Each capsule having capability to reduce the dots of the face and enhance skin natural radiant. Serum having high content of Vitamin C , regularly use of this serum provide you a better result on 4 week and you can see day by day fairness on your skin.


How to apply this serum:


Cut the tip of the serum, release yellow color serum.

Take this serum in to your palm and than gently apply over the all over the areas of the face.

Left for some time or over night.


Rs. 1250 for 28 capsules (each capsule weighing 0.33 gm).

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