lakme cleanup pack


Face cleanup is very simple with Lakme face cleanup combo set. It gives you a perfect clean up at your home. This perfect combo set available at every Lakme shop in very feasible rate. There are so many face clean up pack available in the market but this Lakme combo set is far better than the other ones.

It’s procedure is very easy and simple.

How To Apply Lakme Face Clean Up.

1) Wash your face with Lakme Face Wash : Take a small amount of face wash and gently apply it  on your face in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction , then wash it off  and wipe your face with a soft cloth.

2) Apply Lakme Scrub Cream :  Then apply Lakme face scrub cream your face and gently rub it in clockwise and anti clockwise direction  for 3 to 5 minute then wash it and wipe with a soft cloth.

3) Apply Lakme Face Mask :  Lastly apply Lakme face mask cream. It very important part of clean up, apply it on all over the face area and left it for dry and after couple of minutes it will dry by it self then wash it with warm water and wipe your face with a soft cloth.

your clean up will take approximate 15 minute to complete.

Available in:

price : 310 rs for 50g

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