Lots of eyeliners are available in lakme showroom for improving your eye makeup and give you the perfect eyelids. Eyeliner available in  many form like pencil, pens, liquid, gel and powdered form. Lakme also provides so many shades by which , it can be matched with our dresses in all occasions and skin tones. The good quality about that is , it makes smokey eyes and give you catty look.

I love to use the flawless collection of eyeliner shades to improve my beauty and I am always worried about my makeup. There was a time when  I don’t know about Lakme collection I am always  in tension for my eye makeup, and I am always love to do eye makeup, but thanks to Lakme it gives wonder-full support to improve my eye makeup

lakme eye impact


Good Eyeliner must possess few such qualities:

  • Non allergic
  • Non messy
  • Good stay power

Price: 300

Avaialble in: Jabong.Com

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