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Lakme introduced a new lip makeup range ” Lakme 9 To  5 Lip  Liner”.Lip Liner is a help accessories for lip makeup when you apply lipstick on your lips , this lip liner provides you a shape to apply lipstick over your lips gently.

Lakme 9 To  5 Lip  Liner you can gently apply over yours lip with one stroke.This lip liner having lasting power at-least 8 to 10 hours and there is even no need to touch up it after applying it.

One stroke give you perfect finish and perfect shape to your lip. This lip liner range are available in 6 different range, so you can use this lip liner with your matching lipstick.

How To Apply:

Gently Apply your lipstick on center of upper lip.

Then stroke the pencil gently on your upper side of lip from center to edge direction in each side.

Follow the same in your bottom side of lip.

After finishing the lining in your lips , apply the lipstick and gloss in the blank part of your lip.

Key Feature:

1) Suitable for all skin type.

2) Long lasting power with no stained smudge.

3) Water proof.

4) Creamy texture.

Six different shades Color  : Brick Rose, Beige Pink, Boardroom Brown ,Pink Blush,Red Alert, Fine Wine.

Price: 375 rs .

Available in online site:



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