Hello friends today I am going to share with you something very refreshing and good for our health. Nowadays in our busy schedule we all don’t have much time for our health and fitness. We people used to eat junk food a lot , not because we dont know the unhealthyness of its , we eat it because we don’t have much time to do decide the good things. Many healthy eatable item are not very good in taste.But if we think and create something interesting and tasty then we all love to eat them. In our environment there are lots supplement are present, which are very good for our health and if we take these food supplements in our breakfast in form of juices , we will get so many detoxification power from it.

As we all know, Digestion is very important for our health. In our daily routine we eat lot of junk food and many other heavy food supplements in  our dinner and lunch, which needs so much energy for its proper digestion,and generally we don’t  have time to do exercise for its proper digestion.

We all know that food is a basic need for humans, but this basic need become reason for our basic health problem if it not get proper digest.It causes toxic effect which stimulate to produce some harmful acid in our body which is very dangerous for our health.

To get a proper digestion we all should start to have herbals juice which having detoxification power. So simple formula to deal with this bad toxic acid , we all have to drink at least one glass herbals juice in our breakfast.

Now I am going to tell you very simple herbals juice and how to prepare them. Believe me they are not so costly  but  very effective.

1 Cucumber Mint Pineapple and lemon herbal juice:

cooling mint and cucumber juice

  Ingredient For Two Glass:

 2 cucumber

mint leave (according to your test)

Peaces of Pineapple

1 tbs lemon juice

Add black salt to test

Ice cubes

Preparation: Mix all the ingredient in to juicer , add black salt to test. It is very delicious and very effective.

2 Carrot , Apple, Ginger mint herbal juice.

carrot hebals juice Ingredient For Two Glass:

2 carrot

1 Apple

Leaves of Mint

Ginger to test

Black salt Ice Cubes

Preparation: Mix all these ingredient properly in a juicer, add black salt to test, it effective and delicious.

3 Lemon Mint Juice:

Lemon Mint Juice

3 lemons, peeled and sliced

5 cups water

1 small bunch of mint

4 tbsp sugar 5 ice cubes


In a blender, blend water and sugar Drop mint only in the blender and blend. Then, add lemon and ice Mix to combine all favors and Serve it chilled.

Good Source:

Vitamin C , B- Vitamins , Iron

These all are healthy Detoxify herbals juice, hope you all try it.


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