In this Home Decore section I am going to talk about the wall paint / wall color.

Wall color is always very important part of home decoration.But many of us don’t care about the Wall, and paint it with normal color which is the first negligence toward the home decoration. Just purchasing costly items and placing it in our room doesn’t solve the problem . It is just like purchasing latest fashionable dresses without trying it on you. Because as dress goes with our skin color , a right choice of wall color gives a new life to our room. And yes if we put the perfect color in our home, our home looks very good without changing other items.

So the first steps for decoration is to put perfect shades in our home walls.

The color section is totally depends on your choice. But as we have seen , Females usually likes bright color and Male like light shades.

For difference generation like difference color . For kids its always good to put pink or bright purple color in girls room and for boys use light blue or green. It always a good idea to paint two wall with a contrast color. In Grand parents room put light color like cream color , white color or very light blue or green color. Because light color are very soothing to our eyes.

For the Couples , perfect couple room can be paint with a red tomato color/radish color with white red textures .

Though there are huge range of color available in the market , I am putting some demo color here :

wall color

Red color give very contrast look to our room ,  below this room is painted with red color:

red home

purple  color is the second best option :

This room are painted with the two contrast color which is purple and white color.



Now a days only color are not enough for the decoration . so here comes Texture. As color having a wide range so do the Textures.There are many types of Texture available like Knock Down Texture , Roll Texture , Trowel Texture,  Metal Texture, Marble Texture, Rocky , Nature Texture, 3D Texture and many more. So putting dark color with a bright textures is more than enough for the walls.

Texture Example:

Stipple Textures: Rolling and Spraying use for this texture.

knock Down Textures :

Roll Textures: This can be done by applying drywall compound to the wall or celling with the paint.

Trowel Textures: This texture are carry over the plastering era.


Wall Stickers are very popular nowadays. Applying simple color on wall and put a sticker do the job make you room perfect.

michael jackson sticker wind tree wall_stickers Beautiful-wall-stickers


So there are so many option out there , you just have to give your little and pick what is best for you home 

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