Home decoration is kinda a tedious job. In my previous home decor post , I have mention the importance of wall color. You can check out the post ” Home Decor : Wall Paint “. There are many more decorative item available in the market by which we can decorate you home. But Home Decoration can not be completed without using Plants. Plants not only add life to your home but also improve the environment. Plants are the first thing which is very necessary to put in home or outer side of home. Plants are useful for home decoration as well as for the beautiful Environment .

Man made items are not enough to decorate our home , we should decorate our home with natural thing. And the very first thing which is brings Natural beauty to our living space are Plants. The texture of plant in home decoration balance health and environment  and always welcome positiveness to our life. Plants helps to clean the air we breath by absorbing toxins and actin as a oxygen suppliers. Plants simply helps to feel people better and prevent from many dangerous disease. They also helps to prevent lower blood pressure and muscle tension.

One might think that Plants need sunlight to grow but there are lots of plant which can survive without direct sunlight. You can put them in your drawing room , bed room or any place in your house to make it more decorative even if you have your personal garden outside / backside of your house.

There are a wide range of Plants available in the market or you can purchase them from online shops. In below I am going to showcase some of the plants and in my later post I will show you how they can be used as decorated items.

Home decorative plants:

Online Shop for natural plant:

Money Plants is very popular plants for home decoration , available at  www.fabfurnish.com

money plant in fabfurnish

Bamboo plants:


Bonsai Plants :  I personally love Bonsai plant though they are little bit costly but give your home a perfect look.


While browsing through various site for natural plant I found one amazing website www.chhajedgarden.com . In this website you will find a wide range of plant like lucky bamboo , Living Plants etc  and very stylish and beautiful decorated Pot and Planters like Hanging Pot , Vertical Planter , Metallic Planters , Plastic Pot , Bonsai Pot etc .


This blog post is just a gist of my upcoming posts where I will show you how these plants are used to decorated our house. So stay in touch and feel free to comment.




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  2. subhash choudhary on February 7, 2015 at 6:43 am said:

    i have need some

    Bonsai Plants

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    bonsoi plnts need

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