Every one want look perfect, their in the world lost of girls want to look like actresses, and want to follow their fashion style. If we talk about ethnic wear girls looks very pretty in the traditional look.

In a sari and suit wear with a jewelry with light make up all the girls looks very beautiful. But the right way of applying make up is very necessary to look perfect.So for that i would like to share my favorite actress makeup style , will surely gonna help you for your perfect look.

Below I am provide complete look of Sonam Kappor. In this look Sonam kapoor Wear Masaba design  Dress collection, looking ow some in this look, you can try this look for any occasion.

Wear a smart look sari with golden black clutch, Jewelry collection choose by Amrapali a gold plated jewelry.


Look very different in this look, try this look believe me that make you very different in a crowd.





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