A garlic

Very interesting thing about garlic is , it not only use for the our food supplement but also it is having capability to enhance our beauty. Now our generation are very serious about their beauty, so Now I am going to share some special fact about garlic that leads to take a part to provide a beautiful smooth skin.

Can you believe garlic having lots of beauty benefits, garlic having a nutritional and antioxidant array  which provide capability  cure a number of skin  and beauty related problems. Here are a few way to reap these beauty benefits of garlic.

1. Acneacne

The garlic full with  antibacterial property it helps clear up your skin  and provide your skin a good complexion. Cut a garlic clove in half and gently  rub it all over the acne, do it at least one time of your day. After using at least twice a day you can see significant results in your face.


Loving Your Wrinkles 1

Today’s  generation regularly using expensive chemical based anti-ageing creams, for scarp wrinkles which is on spotted on face, going parlor try many different facial for removing wrinkle.But they didn’t try some home made idea which is really worked.

Try  garlic to clear up Wrinkle. Its antioxidant property  affect and  will help protect your skin against free radicals that damage it and forming wrinkle on your face .

Crush three garlic cloves and use the juice on your wrinkle for clearer and youthful and wrinkle free skin.

3. Stretch marks

Stretch marks

After pregnancy ladies are too worried about their stretch marks , there are very few remedies for stretch marks, garlic is very effective natural product to reduce stretch mark among them remedies.

Crushed 5-6 pieces of  garlic cloves and add this garlic juice into some hot oil and gently apply it to over the stretch marks. Repeat this routine for a couple weeks to see the difference.

You can apply this remedies for all over the side of stretch marks.

Brittle nails

Brittle nails
Apart from skincare, garlic can also help strengthen brittle and dull nails. Crush the garlic and use its juice on your nails for a few weeks for stronger nails.


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