First look of Pond BB Cream:

BB Cream are magical revolutionary product, these also called beauty balm and they serve as all in one product and can be use every single day, I love the Ponds BB cream because it has so many amazing benefit, it serve as moisturiser by hydrating your skin, and give you natural glowing skin, and also reduces dark spot, the best benefit according to me is SPF 30 so you can get away without applying sunscreen which is great because your skin really protective , apart from that is BB cream is suited for Indian skin tone and texture design specially for Indian.

So if you use this every single day  it regularly  will improve your skin texture and lighting and brightening your skin from within, all this in just one tube. I call this BB cream a be beautiful cream.

Key feature:

Protect oily skin.

Is SPF 30 reduces dark spot.

Long lasting.


Price: 125 Rs for 18 gm ,69 Rs for 9 gm.

Available in:





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