How to Reduce  Under Eye Black Circle:

Eye Black Circle


Under eye dark circles can be annoying. You have to apply think layer of makeup to hide your dark circle. But these dark circles can be easily cure by using some home remedies. First we should understand what are the causes of dark circles. The main and very general reason behind  under eye circles is poor digestive fire. Other reason could be heredity , Allergies , asthma , eczema , age and fatigue. But we can cure it by using the following home remedies.

There are a few natural techniques that could help.

1. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly .
2. Avoiding protein from animal sources.
3. Take At least  one time of day High fiber grains.
4. Drink at least 10-15 liter water per day

5. Add at least following species in your food :  Cracked black pepper, turmeric, mild or medium curry powder, chili peppers, etc.

6. It is very necessary to clean our digestive track. For that we have to eat raw food and some green vegetable this helps to clean our digestive track easily.  Using clean organic foods that haven’t been contaminated or exposed to pesticides.

How to make Simple Green/Vegetable Drink:

Firstly take kale or broccoli as a base.and than add one carrot for sweetness.

Add 1/2 lemon juice and some flax seeds.

All the mixture put into a blender. The fiber in the juice and the chlorophyl in the green veggies will help to cleanse your  digestive track.


May these tips help you to cure your dark circles. These technique is basically improving your metabolism. If your metabolism is healthy the most of the problem will solve automatically.


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