Your wedding is the most important event of your life and keep very pleasant and happiness in your memory. All wedding ceremony play a vital role to make your wedding very beautiful, and nowadays all the ceremony captured by well cameras by the help of all this you can keep alive your wedding occasion even after a long period of time.But just think about your Bridal Makeup hairstyle, selection of wedding dress unfortunately imperfect for the weeding day which is also require for your perfect Photo shoot if on that that any minor mistake will be happen it will cause bad effect and will not add your pleasant memories in spite of this you will feel embarrassment when ever you see your wedding album.This is problem effect all the things like so many relatives only coming for this marriage and than any mistake will happen people make it wrong.

Wedding day is very special day for every girl, she started dreaming for her marriage when she was so younger, many different things she wanted for that day.

My personal experience towards the marriage, I have just completed one year of marriage life and I can not forget the stress of  the wedding preparation,like my wedding dress, my makeup, my hairstyle everything, believe me all this thing we have to decide very carefully.

So solving this problem, that how you can make your wedding without any tension just follow some simple formula, believe me you don’t have any problem at all your wedding function.

5 Simple  Steps To Look Perfect In Your Wedding Night:

1. Choose Your Wedding Dress Perfect And In Advanced:

So First of all, all you bridal Make knot in to your duptta that you have to choose your wedding dress early, and before buy your wedding dress you have all the idea about color which type of dress pattern you want for that day, and finally that go for buy it.

Now a days all the information are available in the internet with help of internet you can take clear decision for your wedding dress.

Here I am share you some online site:

red lehenga

1.0000 red


This site sure help you:)

2 Jewelry Selection:

Second another impotent thing is, which type of jewelry you were in the wedding night, is depending your choice like you choose diamond, gold or artificial but according to my opinion today’s all the girls want matching jewelry.

And I thing it is a best selection.

Online Site: 




3 Choose Perfect Makeup Artist: 

The Makeup artist one of the most important part for our wedding night, the selection of bad makeup artist all the things will become so wrong, bridal is a main attraction point of the marriage and if you choose the wrong makeup artist it will effect your pleasant memory and you get remembered if you not look perfect on the wedding night.

So some simple tip here I going to tell you.

Before one month of your marriage you have to take all the treatment from your best parlor, like pedicure, manicure, hair spa at least 2 time before your marriage, facial, massage, regular hair oiling.

If you don’t have money you cant go parlor you can do all this thing at your home regularly, and have regular fresh fruits, and massage your face with real fruits pulp, believe it work on your skin.

So this all the term for make you very beautiful and adorable in your wedding night, and please don’t compromise with your makeup artist.

Choose reliable makeup artist.

Follow this-

Brides before applying all the make item in your face  makeup you have  to learn the  most important things regarding to your makeup items its result  that hows it work and long lasting power so that you can look Your Best In wedding Photos.

4 Hair Style:

yes according to you it is the minor part of the wedding night but it play very important part, the perfect hairstyle make you complete.

You don’t want to overpower your dress and headpiece with a flamboyant hair style or color that overwhelms everything else. Keep it simple and classic, and remember to practice the look you want at home or with your stylist before the wedding day.

5. Prepare Your Self For The Special Day:

Last but I wanted to stand it in the first suggestion that all the thing become positive when you feel strong and confident,your positive thinking to your marriage all the things become so easy.

So apply this 5 easy step for your wedding your wedding will become the world best marriage according to you.




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